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Koh Rok:

The center of Koh Rok having beautiful white and very firm sandy beach stretching from the head to the tip of the island of crystal clear water. Just wear the snorkel and dive to see the undersea world of the fertile coral reefs of many species, groups of fish and the giant clam. Behind Koh Rok is the trail to Thalu Bay of stone beach all over the island with the way up to Pha Samet Daeng Viewpoint to see the scenery farther to Koh Lanta. Despite having small beach area at the east, Koh Rok Nai has the outstanding skin diving area particularly in front of San Chao Bench where some boats will stop to let the tourists spend some times diving. At the southwest is Koh Rok Waterfall site flowing down the narrow stone channel into the sea but having the water only in the rainy season or at the beginning of winter.

Location: South of Koh Lanta

How to get there:
From Koh Lanta By one-day package tour leaving Koh Lanta at about 09.00 hours daily by speed boats in over an hour / Please ask in the this shop