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Koh Lanta - The most beautiful island of Andaman Sea.

In the past, if you mentioned the name “Koh Lanta ” there may be only few tourists who would know the Island. Unlike Samui, Phuket or Phi Phi Islands. Who knows that not far from Krabi Province with little travel time, there is a beautiful island hiding within the sea of Andaman. The beautiful sand beach that we see around the island plus the peaceful atmosphere are what attract tourists who want to run away from all the confusion to come and feel the touch of pure nature and get fascinated by this Koh Lanta Island.

Koh Lanta Yai preserves its community spirit in both family and business life. With clear, cool waters and superb white sand beaches stretching along a 27 kilometer coastline, its paradisiacal appeal remains unmarred by mass tourism. The island, which reaches a height of almost 500 meters at its extreme end, also boasts a mountain range covered with rain forest.

The Koh Lanta archipelago is made up of over fifty small islands, though only three are inhabited: Lanta Yai , Lanta Noi and Ko Ngai. Lanta Yai is the most attractive to tourists, with its impressive beaches and activities for visitors. Approximately 10,000 of the regions’ 20,000 inhabitants reside on Lanta Yai.

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